Developer releases Windows 95 in Electron on GitHub

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Computer users nostalgic for the 90s will be happy to hear that they can download and run a brand new port of a classic Microsoft operating system from GitHub.

Slack developer [Felix Rieseberg]( posted a port of Windows 95 running in on GitHub. It is compatible on machines running,, and operating systems.

This Electron version of Windows 95 is possible due in large part to, an open-source virtualization of of x86 CPUs made in JavaScript. Rieseberg states on the project's [GitHub page]( that the release "only works well by accident and was mostly a joke," stating that the quality of the app's code is structured "accordingly."

According to [Tom Warren at The Verge](, apps such as the classic,, and all run properly within this Electron version of the classic operating system.

And yes, [it runs DOOM](

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